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Recycle Vessel

Ferro Ship and Vessel Recycling 

We are a certified recycling company focused on eco-friendly recycling of small vessels and ships in the UAE.  

Ship recycling is the process of removing the structural components of an old vessel for disposal or dismantling. It is carried out at a pier, drydock, or dismantling slip and involves various tasks, including stripping the ship of all gear and equipment and recycling its framework. Due to the intricate structural design of the ships and the various environmental, safety, and health concerns involved, shipbreaking is challenging.

Workers involved in shipbreaking are exposed to various risks at work or situations that could lead to illness or injury. They consist of the following:

  • Threatening exposures include:

    • Asbestos 
    • Polychlorinated biphenyls 
    • Lead 
    • Hazardous material and chemicals, including heavy metals.
  1. Excessive noise is caused by actions like grinding, pounding, and cutting metal.
  2. Fire from igniting insulation, lagging, mats, other lubricants, petrol, and combustible substances.

We take the Green Ship Recycling process to prevent decommissioned ships from washing up on beaches and releasing poisons into the water supply. We follow good safety protocols to safeguard our employees.

We purchase ships that have reached the end of their commercial usefulness and are being hauled to the facilities. We deconstruct and recycle them, following EU and national legislation.

All recycling operations are carried out sustainably and in compliance with company social responsibility policies. 

In all of our operations, Ferro places a high emphasis on:

  • Safety
  • Client-centric 
  • Ethics
  • Teamwork
  • Brilliance
  • Responsibility


Ferro Approach

The procedure consists of several steps that we use to fairly assess the probability of recycling and the success of its implementation. Here is a quick list of our approach. 

  • Firstly, we collect vessel data, a stability report, and specifications.
  • Next, we inspect the vessel to determine its current condition and spot dangerous substances like gas, oil, sludge, or water.
  • Complete the clearance processes for the vessel with the port, free zone, customs, and safety authorities.
  • Use the required ropes and wires to secure the ship at the dock.
  • Remove the stocks, spare parts, lubricants, and oil, and label any loose dangerous materials.
  • Use sand and sawdust to remove any remaining oil from the oil tanks.
  • Make the necessary perforations for light and ventilation on the hull framework.
  • Obtain the required permission from the government for recycling.
  • Begin the vessel’s safe and sustainable recycling.
  • Create a final recycling report and a regular progress report on the recycling process.


Ferro Advantage: Why Choose Us

Ferro knows small vessel and ship owners must protect residual asset value, provide safe and environmentally responsible recycling, and adhere to sustainability standards. You will gain from our experience, influence, and reach as a partner. 

Our trade principles and experiences show that getting a fair price and maintaining strict recycling standards are not common goals. We guarantee complete compliance with your investors’, bankers’, and insurers’ standards through a stringent process of site selection, auditing, supervision, and transparent documentation.

Our knowledgeable professionals are accustomed to handling intricate sale agreements and bringing financial and environmental success to their clients. You can trust our knowledge and count on a seamless implementation when working with Ferro.


Our Promise

Ferro is committed to:

  • Ensuring the management of all operations in a safe and eco-friendly manner, including the trustworthy handling, storage, and final disposal of all hazardous and other wastes throughout ship recycling;
  • We make sure that the demolition work is carried out on impermeable surfaces with good drainage;
  • Ensuring that waste management facility that receives waste work in compliance with environmental protection and human health requirements that are at least as stringent as those found in other countries;
  • Creating and sustaining an emergency response and preparation strategy;
  • Ensuring our business complies with all applicable local and international laws and regulations. 
  • Developing management and monitoring systems, methods, and techniques to prevent, reduce, reduce, and, to the degree practical, eliminate:
    • Health risks to the workers involved and the public nearby.
    • Adverse effects on the environment produced by ship recycling.
  • Designing and maintaining an emergency response and preparation strategy.
  • Ensuring that all ship recycling yards adhere voluntarily to the ISO requirements standards and are dedicated to continuous improvement in all processes.
  • Examine our policy frequently to ensure it still reflects Ferro’s current vision, purpose, and goals.


We are one of the most upcoming names in UAE.